UC Davis Center for Public Policy Research

The Center for Public Policy Research at the University of California, Davis serves state and local governments, private agencies and academic institutions.

  • We conduct research to bring science to policy
  • We provide research services to support social policy and evidence-based practice development
  • We draw on the expertise of faculty and researchers at UC Davis and throughout the UC/CSU system


Mission: To inform public policy through rigorous research and conscientious, impartial analysis of issues.

Scope of services

  • Methodological support
  • Statistical analysis of population-based survey data
  • Analyses of administrative data
  • Program evaluation
  • Surveys
  • Experimental and quasi-experimental research
  • Longitudinal research
  • Literature reviews, policy analysis and technical writing

Specific areas of research expertise

  • Poverty and child abuse links
  • Mental health treatment effectiveness
  • Long-term outcomes of foster care
  • Child-caregiver relationships
  • Child maltreatment and parenting
  • Effects of childhood trauma
  • Child forensic psychology
  • Juvenile delinquency, juvenile justice and corrections
  • Welfare and work participation
  • Women’s health

Center resources

  • CPPR principals direct and manage allĀ facets of projects
  • Project staff include research faculty, graduate students and specialists from UC Davis
  • Project staff have extensive experience with empirical research
  • Additional research services and methodological support are available via sub-awards with other UC and CSU campuses
  • Dedicated private network for CPPR researchers (not connected to the Internet)
  • Secure server on private network for housing confidential data
  • Proximity to the California State Capitol, which facilitates communication and collaboration