Catherine ChristoCatherine Chriso, PhD

Licensed Educational Psychologist
(530) 902-1186
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Mayte FriasMayte Frias, PhD

(530) 297-4446
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Annie KalomirisAnnie Kalomiris, BA

Lab Manager
Junior Specialist
(530) 754-8543
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Michael LawlerMichael J. Lawler, MSW, PhD

Dean, School of Health Sciences
Professor, School of Health Sciences
(605) 677-5000
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Jane MauldonJane Mauldon, PhD

Associate Professor of Public Policy
Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Goldman School of Public Policy
(510) 642-3475
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Rachel NarrRachel Narr, BA

Lab Manager
Junior Specialist
(530) 754-8543
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Sandra RuizSandra Ruiz, BA

Junior Specialist
(530) 297-4441
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Ivan Vargas RoncancioIvan Vargas Roncancio, MA

(530) 297-4441
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Iliana SantellanIliana Santellan, BS

Junior Specialist
(530) 297-4441
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